Kendrick Lamar "All Day" (Kanye West remix) (longer snippet)

Kendrick Lamar 'All Day' (Kanye West remix) (longer snippet)
This past week, the rap world was all of a flutter when what appeared to be a snippet of a Kendrick Lamar remix of Kanye West's "All Day" leaked onto the internet. Now, a longer extract has emerged.

This snippet is 48 seconds long, and it contains what seems to be Lamar's entire verse. He borrows some lyrics from Kanye's rapping — namely the line "24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin' paid" — but he also drops a string of original rhymes as well. It's fairly lo-fi and the file is labelled "demo," but its origins are unclear.

Hear it below. It still remains to be seen whether Lamar's "All Day" will get an official release.