Kells Anachromie

Kells are a symphonic nu-metal band based in Lyons, France; Anachromie is their third album. The band have been compared to Epica and Tarja, and have provided direct support for both on various tours. They also have some similar points of comparison to Evanescence, in that founding member Virginie Gonclaves' classical voice is a defining feature. Anacrhomie is a very sleek, slick, commercial-friendly album; it is clear that every production choice was designed to make it as easily digestible as possible. The occasional harsh vocals are deployed sparingly, and usually with clean singing layered in the background. There is some fairly tight instrumentation ― competent guitars with decent tone ― but nothing that stands out. Even at the most crunchy and textural, Kells have carefully smoothed over all of the rough edges to their sound. There are gestures towards aggression, such as the screaming and chugging riffs on "Addictions," but they always grow faint just as they begin to get intense. Like a faux dominatrix done up in leather and heels, but too squeamish to bring down the whip, Kells try to slap the listener around, but do so wearing silk gloves. This is resoundingly disappointing for those who like it rough. (Season of Mist)