Keith Richards Autobiography Due in October

Keith Richards Autobiography Due in October
Whether he's falling out of a tree in Fiji or telling NME that he snorted his father's ashes, 66-year-old Keith Richards is still the ultimate tabloid fodder. This October, the guitarist will be letting fans in on the true stories behind the legends with an autobiography published by Little, Brown and Company.

The project began three years ago, when the publisher reportedly paid the Rolling Stones guitarist $5 million to tell his life's story.

In a new interview with the Independent, Richards confirmed that the book is now in its final stages and admits that he spoke with friends to help refresh some of his drug-addled memories.

"Talking to some of the people that were there and their version of events to try and correlate it all was very interesting, a kind of kaleidoscopic bunch of experiences," Richards said.

Richards also dispelled one of his most famous urban legends: that he had a complete blood transfusion. He explained, "Someone asked me how I managed to clean up. I was sick of answering that question so I told him I went to Switzerland and had my blood changed. I was just fooling around. That's all it was, a joke."

Still, that somewhat disappointing explanation doesn't mean that there won't be plenty of other good quotes that will make the book worth reading. In the same interview, he claimed, "I'm probably more aligned to Lucifer and the dark side."

Now that the blood transfusion legend has been quashed, let's start a new one about his supposed Satanism.