Keith Murray The Stereo Effect Project

Ernest, fun synthesiser music by a real synthesiser enthusiast — he actually builds his own gear. Keith Murray has put together a charming and upbeat album. It is nice to know, at a point in electronic music where releases grow ever more pretentious and artists feel compelled to outdo their predecessors, some exist and produce outside these mentalities and just make cool music. The Stereo Effect Project is influenced by synth-pop and also happens to come from realms inhabited by David Kristian, perhaps the keyboardists from Stereolab and has the joyous exuberance of early Solvent. Melody is central to Murray’s music utilising rich, vibrant-sounding analog synthesisers, however procured. The Stereo Effect Project instils a sense of nostalgia, yet the tunes are imaginative, memorable and is the stuff futuristic and interplanetary daydreams are made of. (Independent)