Keith Leblanc Stop the Confusion (Global Interference)

LeBlanc’s reputation as a session drummer is unparalleled, starting out at Sugarhill Records with Grandmaster Flash, the Sugar Hill Gang and Melle Mel, moving on to work with James Brown, the Rolling Stones, Annie Lennox and a never-ending list of world-renowned artists. Sadly this album is an extremely disappointing product from a man with such talent. It all sounds like an uninspired effort at simulating the sound of ’80s artists like New Order but without any of the energy or significant development. There is certainly a degree of variation, but whether the essence of the music is reggae like UB40-style Green Theory, funk such as the Seinfeld slap bass and orchestral stabs of Technology Works or the industrial effort Tree featuring Jake Fairley, most of the tracks sound more dated than experimental. (Collision — Cause of Chapter 3)