Keith Glass Straight Ahead

Founding member of Prairie Oyster, Keith Glass's solo release, Straight Ahead, is roots music in a Sunday afternoon sort of way. It's the one day of the week you can settle down, regroup and sit back and drink in whatever it is that makes you comfortable. Glass has done this elegantly with this CD. Rockabilly, Western swing, pop, Cajun, Latin - it all fits and swings naturally. Nothing is really given away; it just feels right, as with the Beatles-infused "One In A Million." You can feel the warm sun and smell the roast in the oven while you dance in the kitchen. Glass blends heartbreak and disappointment ("Blue Melody") evenly with love and contentment ("Just Fine"). Whether your love is lost, found, or just misplaced, Straight Ahead makes the week ahead liveable and reminds us, "don't count the stars above you, just be glad they shine." (Festival)