Ke$ha "Sleazy" (remix ft. Andre 3000)

Ke$ha 'Sleazy' (remix ft. Andre 3000)
Ke$ha don't need you, your brand new Benz or your bougie friends. She does need Andre 3000, however, as the Outkast rapper just offered up some rhymes for a remix of "Sleazy."

The original track appeared on Ke$ha's recent EP Cannibal. The remix is near-identical to the original, with a sparse arrangement mostly based around clattering tribal-electro beats and chanted vocals. Andre 3000 raps about Ke$ha, joking, "She call me Andrew 6000 because I'm good to her." His verse is solid, but it does make Ke$ha's own rapped vocals sound a little weak by comparison.

Take a little to the remix below, courtesy of Rap Up.

Sleazy (Remix) - Ke$ha feat. André 3000 by HDMI44