Kegaska Body Heat

Fur Trade is a newly formed micro-label that offers releases from Montréal-based producers motivated by making music for the dance floor. Their fourth digital instalment comes from a mystery artist by the name of Kegaska. Kegaska's online bio talks about a group of undercover scientists that get trapped in the arctic due to a blizzard that destroys their communication lines. The scientists eventually abandon their research and begin to pursue their love of music. The songs from Kagaska are a collection of these works, demonstrating the scientists' isolation while encompassing their majestic surroundings. Body Heat references how one can stay warm in sub-zero weather. "Desire" is a quirky, vocal dance floor stomper. "Dream Station" is comparable to the sounds of Boards of Canada and the last number, "Terraformed," is a synth-driven, epic techno track that also includes a remix by Cristobal Urbina (aka DJ Poontz). With the Mole being the first release on Fur Trade and now Kagaska's diverse compositions, Montréal continues to be a hub of Canadian electronic talent. (Fur Trade)