Keepin 6 Uncensored

Keepin 6’s Uncensored is as strong a debut as any. The band play the tried and true punk/ska combination and execute it well, throwing in some heavier elements and sing-along choruses to mix things up a little. Singer Bryan Hotchkiss sings in a style strikingly similar to Billy Talent’s front-man and, surprisingly, it works. The group write vocal hooks that will be stuck in your head for days, most notably on "LT (Stop Tellin’ Me Lies),” which boasts a chorus that many more seasoned bands can’t even begin to pull off. Guitarist Jason Wilford does some pretty interesting things with the traditionally simple ska song structures, especially on "Look @ Whatcha Got,” while Matt Wilkinson (drums) and Dan Renwick (bass) push the songs forward with their tight, hard-hitting rhythms. For a relatively young band, Keepin 6 have a lot going for them and it should be interesting to see where they take it in the future. (Stereo Dynamite)