Keep Aways The Keep Aways

As soon as the opening track "File It Away” starts and lead vocalist/guitarist Mindy Johnson opens her mouth to unleash her perfectly raw, perfectly vile singing style, it’s inevitable that the Keep Aways will be ringing in your ears days later. This band started out with three girls who hardly knew how to play their instruments, and hardly knew each other for that matter. But only three months after their inception they released their debut EP …Get Held Back, which quickly sold out. Their new self-titled release only proves that the Keep Aways are becoming one of the best punk bands we have right now. Johnson slashes at her strings with a staggering ferocity and cutthroat pace as she lays down a barrage of heavy-as-fuck riffs. Over in only 17 minutes, this album shows a die-hard dedication. There’s so much talent in this creation it’s unbelievable that these girls have come so far, so fast. (Sonic Unyon)