Kazimier "Money"

Kazimier "Money"
Bill DeLelles may be known to some for his work as a touring member of Chrome Sparks and Shlohmo, but he also makes his own music under the moniker Kazimier. He's gearing up to release a split EP with Parks Burton — but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got an exclusive premiere of his new track "Money."
The Brooklyn-based beatmaker has a background in classical percussion, which he blends with orchestral-leaning pop forms and "whatever is available" — meaning everything from the sounds of slide whistles to vending machines.
On "Money," we hear his experimental tendencies brought to the forefront. Vocal loops of a child repeating the song's titular word blend with whooshing and whirring noises, plus the "cha-ching" sound of loose change. It's all woven seamlessly together with a synthesized, but melodic beat — resulting in a track that's layered with intriguing sonic tricks, and likely to keep you coming back for another listen.
Kazimier and Parks Burton's split EP Gifts is out on June 16 via Grind Select/Graveyard Orbit, but you can listen to the premier of Kazimier's "Money" in the player below, right now.

You can pre-order Gifts here.