Kayo Dot Coyote

Tragic events frequently spark artists to create masterful works, such is the case with Kayo Dot's fourth release. Originally intended to accompany a film by Yuko Sueta (a close friend of the band), Coyote stands on its own due to the unfortunate passing of the filmmaker following a battle with breast cancer. Fittingly, the album serves as homage, with composer/vocalist Toby Driver using Sueta's original story as lyrical muse. The five lengthy tracks express a sadness that only tragedy can bring. From the opening violin notes of "Calonyction Girl" to the final moment of "Cartogram Out Of Phase," Coyote is mournful and extremely depressing. Driver's plaintive vocal howls echo the solemn avant-goth emanations produced by the band. There could not be a more respectful and fitting tribute to a fallen comrade. (Hydra Head)