Kay Berkel

You Erased Me From Your World

Kay BerkelYou Erased Me From Your World
Kay Berkel's sepia-toned voice gives You Erased Me From Your World a forlorn, nostalgic hue — the title track of the fledging multi-instrumentalist's debut EP wouldn't be out of place on one of Dolly Parton's classic mid-'70s full-lengths. But Berkel can't take all the credit; the song's vintage twang is also due in part to writer, producer and Nudie suit devotee Daniel Romano, who lends it some gleaming rhinestone guitar twang. 
Because Romano penned the tunes and helmed the production, some might consider him the brains behind this project, but Berkel is its heart and soul. That's due in part to her obvious love of classic country, along with the chops that help her pay it homage. If the aforementioned title track is a mixture of Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, then midway tune "Diamonds and Dogs" readily blends Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks. And while both turns are inspired on a technical level, the EP's best moments come when Berkel transcends her influences. On the opening track, "I'm Convincing You," her voice flutters like a heart murmur, and she lends the closing "If Words Can't Express It" a brassy falsetto. On both of these songs, Berkel sounds like no one but herself, proving that she's as much as innovator as a revivalist. 
With only four tracks, each running far short of four minutes, You Erased Me From Your World ends much too quickly. But at least it's a snapshot of the time-honoured style of performing that Berkel could lend to a full-length; it can't come soon enough. (Independent)
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