Katie Bulley "Chasing" (video)

Katie Bulley "Chasing" (video)
For years, singer-songwriter Katie Bulley spent her time playing in Hamilton, ON indie-rock trio the Barettas. But now the old-timey chanteuse has decided to leave the girl group behind and go it alone with her first-ever solo album. The aptly titled Lone Wolf won't be out until spring 2014, but while you wait, watch the video for Bulley's debut solo track, "Chasing."

Released on John Lennon's birthday yesterday (October 9), the faux-vintage clip finds the singer spending her day at the Toronto Islands, where she can be seen getting silly with some animals at a petting zoo while she sings about falling in love.

And although she appears to be alone during the duration of the video, according to Bulley, that's kind of the album's point.

"I think once you figure out who you truly are in the pit of your spirit, there is no more fear," she says about working solo. "When there is no fear, you can write songs that come straight from your soul without the curse of second-guessing."

Watch the video below and download the track over on Bulley's Bandcamp page here.