Kathleen Turner Overdrive Marauders!Wolves!Scavengers!Party!

Toronto, ON’s Kathleen Turner Overdrive have a moniker that sticks out like someone drinking martinis at a keg party, which works well with their raunchy hardcore ways. This EP effort comes via Underground Operations, a place many hardcore bands are calling home, and KTO fit the mould. This album draws heavily on the sounds Every Time I Die were throwing around mosh pits everywhere when Hot Damn! was breaking and adds the noisy distortion Norma Jean were supplying with O God The Aftermath. Aside from their distinctive influences, KTO lay on the deep vocals in a serious way that gain a touch of originality via the conversational back-ups on "Total Fucking Blackout.” With the aid of a ton of squeaks and riffin’ from the guitars, as well as loads of breakdowns, KTO’s music feels like drinking one too many and ending your night with your face on a toilet seat. This six-song album is smashed with enough Southern-touched string work, raucous high-end and hardcore heaviness to make a fan of this realm of noise want more. (Underground Operations)