Kathleen Hanna Shares Details on James Murphy-assisted Julie Ruin LP

Kathleen Hanna Shares Details on James Murphy-assisted Julie Ruin LP
Former Le Tigre/Bikini Kill member Kathleen Hanna recently revealed that she had returned to her Julie Ruin project, but reported that it had evolved from its late '90s solo beginnings to a full-band affair. Beyond the regular cast of players on the group's upcoming as-yet-untitled album, Hanna has also detailed the LP's guest spot from ex-LCD Soundsystem head honcho James Murphy.

Speaking with Pitchfork, Hanna explained that Murphy appears on a new tune called "Just My Kind," which is described by Hanna as a "desperate, pleading" love song.

"James came in and worked with him to put the icing on the cake," Hanna said. "It was really exciting because we've known each other for over ten years but never worked together."

Hanna added that the band were surprised that Murphy picked the song he did, because "the rest of the record is so different," especially considering the track contains some stand-up bass work from band member and fellow ex-Bikini Kill bandmate Kathi Wilcox.

"'Just My Kind' is definitely the only song Kathi played stand-up bass on!" Hanna said. "She'd never played stand-up before and just walked over and grabbed it and figured it out. Thank god she had saddle shoes on that day because it added that 'magic moment' feeling you get in the studio sometimes."

While details are still slim on the LP, which follows the project's 1998 self-titled debut, Hanna said that 20 songs were recorded at Manhattan's Oscilloscope Studios and are in the mixing stages, and that it should arrive sometime next spring.

As for Murphy, last week we learned that he was indeed playing on Arcade Fire's next LP. Earlier reports that he had been working with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were debunked in October, but considering those Arcade Fire rumours were initially pooh-poohed, keep your fingers crossed that something could be in the works.