Kathleen Hanna Resurrects the Julie Ruin

Kathleen Hanna Resurrects the Julie Ruin
Following the recent release of Le Tigre's Who Took the Bomp? tour documentary, pioneering riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna is said to be back working on an old project. It's neither Bikini Kill or Le Tigre, however. Instead, she's at work on a new album with former project the Julie Ruin.

Without the "the," Julie Ruin was Hanna's solo project in between time in Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Under that moniker, she released a self-titled album in 1998 on Kill Rock Stars, which showcased her move towards synth and sample-based sounds. A track from that old album can be heard here.

Now, Pitchfork reports that Hanna has expanded the project into a five-piece band called the Julie Ruin. The group are in the midst of recording their debut album, which should be released in January, 2012.

Writing on her personal blog, Hanna said, "The most remarkable part of writing this record thus far has been just letting the songs be what they want and not imposing my overarching 'ideas' onto them. I'm not trying to force the songs to be validating or informative. I'm just a person writing songs, and while there will always be craft involved, it is really fun to not overly control things."

Live footage of the band performing their song "Cookie Road" can be viewed below. For studio updates, keep an eye on the Julie Ruin's website.