Kate Bush "Misty" (video)

Kate Bush 'Misty' (video)
In our thumbs-up review of Kate Bush's recent album 50 Words for Snow, we noted that the album includes an epic-length track called "Misty," in which the singer invites a snowman into her bed for a "one and only tryst." Well, Bush has just unveiled a video for a two-and-a-half-minute segment of that song that depicts just such an encounter.

This claymation clip is called "Mistraldespair," and it shows a snowman getting into bed with a woman for a romantic encounter that looks a bit like the one depicted on the album cover. It ends with the snowman inevitably melting as the woman is left holding her lover's dripping, disembodied head, which might be disturbing if it weren't so fun and silly.

This follows hot on the heels of another wintery video from 50 Words for Snow, "Wild Man."

50 Words for Snow is out now via Fish People/EMI.