Kataklysm Iron Will: 20 Years Determined

KataklysmIron Will: 20 Years Determined
Montreal, QC's Kataklysm have been consistently unleashing their signature "Northern hyperblast" style death metal since their 1991 inception. Now, the band receive a much deserved career retrospective with Iron Will: 20 Years Determined, which is an extensive two-DVD, two-CD collection. For long-time fans, the two-part documentary is the meatiest of the release. The first part features "The Early Years," from 1991 to 2004, while the second captures "The Rebirth," from 2004 to 2011, offering a very in-depth look into the history of Kataklysm's origins ― from their rise in the Quebecois death metal scene to present day as one of the most revered Canadian metal acts. Also featured on the second DVD is the band's live, 15-song set at Summer Breeze Open Air 2011, which captures Kataklysm at their finest, performing a wide range of tracks from their latest album, 2010's Heaven's Venom, including "Determined (Vows of Vengeance)," as well as tons of classics like "As I Slither," "Blood on the Swans" and "Manipulator of Souls." The least necessary of the collection is the first CD, which contains the audio of the live Summer Breeze set, and the second CD, which is a "best of" that compiles tracks from most of Kataklysm's catalogue. However, the two DVDs of Iron Will: 20 Years Determined make this release very much worth the purchase. (Nuclear Blast)