Karminsky Experience Inc. The Power of Suggestion

It’s a rare experience to be able to listen to an album and actually mean it when you tell others that it has a little bit of everything. Well, The Power of Suggestion is that kind of electronica release. This is the debut full-length release from the London-based Karminsky Experience Inc. (aka Martin Dingle and James Munns). Its sound spans the spectrum of nu-jazz instrumentals to Eastern-inspired percussion beats to Afro-centric rhythmic transitions. The big craze in music today is the fusing of Eastern transcontinental beats with mainstream popular music, but much of that leans on the eroticisation of Eastern traditions rather than true enlightened sharing of that culture’s music. On the flipside, the Karminsky Experience Inc. is the real McCoy of Eastern rhythms interwoven with ambient, easy listening grooves. The ambient crowd may find some of the tracks a little too tribal but as a whole, the experience is worth it. (ESL)