Karl Mohr The End of the Line

An interesting work put forth from Canadian electronic artist Karl Mohr. He covers so much territory on this one release that your head is left a wee bit spinning after hearing it. Mohr kicks things off with the oh-so-catchy "Unidentified Flying Object," a smooth electronic number with a great beat and melodic flow, which leaves one completely unprepared for the more barren sounding numbers like "No Stars No Moon" and "Impostor." It is the raw quality of Mohr's vocals, in contrast to his accompanying music, that helps make this CD as intriguing as it is. This one would no doubt fit nicely into any Nick Cave fan's record collection, as it has its dour, goth-y moments indeed. But let us not pigeonhole Mr. Mohr's work; he extends beyond the realms of gothdom and gives an almost epic feel to his recording. Going from up-tempo electronic tracks to slower-paced ones, he also manages to throw in a few noisier works and a few that recall old-style cabaret numbers. In grouping all of these together in one package, you almost feel as if you've been taken on a very strange journey. Lord only knows from where this man draws his inspiration, but I don't suppose he's ever bored. (Independent)