Kanye West's "Fade" Video Was Inspired by Vintage Sex Clips on Pornhub

Kanye West's "Fade" Video Was Inspired by Vintage Sex Clips on Pornhub
Were you impressed by the sleek, sweaty vibe of Kanye West's retro-styled exercise visual behind The Life of Pablo cut "Fade"? Well, it turns out you have PornHub to thank for that, as director Eli Russell Linetz has confirmed that he turned to the streaming sex site for inspiration.

An interview with the New York Times has the director explaining that he "got an email from Kanye superlate one night" about making a video, which led him to plotting out the gym-set, choreographed dance routine by Teyana Taylor.

While the super-soaked moves look like they could've come out of Flashdance, Russell Linetz says the imagery was inspired by something a bit more risqué.

"I pulled a lot of references from '70s and '80s porn, just on Pornhub," he said. "That was less about the imagery and more about the texture of the skin, the oiliness."

It's been a sex-centric day for Kanye fans. Earlier today (September 1), it was revealed that the bare-butted likeness of the rapper used in the "Famous" video is now up for sale. If, by chance, you want a naked, inanimate Kanye in your zone, you may want to consider heading out to L.A.'s Blum & Poe gallery and handing over that extra $4 mil you have in your pocket right now.