Kanye West Tweets Release Date, Art and Title for Watch the Throne Single

Kanye West Tweets Release Date, Art and Title for <i>Watch the Throne</i> Single
Despite our best efforts to show a little restraint, this marks our fourth news story on Kanye West in the first week of 2011. They've all come with good reasons, however, as the rap megalomaniac has been hinting at the impending release of his Jay-Z collaboration, Watch the Throne, while battling allegations of assault against a photographer. Considering your greatest achievement was probably recycling the empties from New Year's Eve, Kanye's had a busy week.

Now, the rapper has revealed the official title, artwork and release date for the lead single from Watch the Throne. The track is called "H.A.M." and that weird-looking medieval collage above is the art. According to Yeezy's Twitter, the track will drop on 1.11.11 (January 11).

 As for the album, an official release date hasn't been announced, but the rumour mill keeps on changing the information. Rap blog Fake Shore Drive, who reportedly has sources close to Kanye and Def Jam, reported that "The album is still slated for a March release, but it will likely be pushed back to later in the month."

Either way, we at least know the "H.A.M." single is on its way.