Kanye West Sued Yet Again over Uncleared Sample

Kanye West Sued Yet Again over Uncleared Sample
Kanye West is adored by fans and critics everywhere, but the rapper's lofty reputation doesn't seem to be helping him stay out of legal trouble. Less than a month since he and Jay-Z settled their court case with Syl Johnson, Yeezy has been hit with another copyright infringement lawsuit over an uncleared sample.

This one comes from Robert Poindexter, who is suing Kanye over his use of the song "Trying Girls Out" by the Persuaders. West sampled the song on his track "Girls Girls Girls (Remix)" from the 2006 mixtape Freshmen Adjustment 2.

AllHipHop reports that, while Kanye used a cleared sample of the song on Jay-Z's 2001 album The Blueprint, the sample from the mixtape was illegal.

Poindexter wrote in the complaint, "I have offered to resolve this matter 'out of court' with Kanye West. But in response, he has refused to even discuss any 'out of court' resolutions whatsoever. Nor has he provided any evidence that he is demanding others to cease and desist from selling the illegal version."

Poindexter, who rose to prominence with the Persuaders in the 1970s, is seeking $500,000 in damages from Kanye. He filed his suit last Tuesday (March 27) in the United States District Court of Southern New York.

You can read the complaint over at AllHipHop. Listen to the songs in question below.