Kanye West Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Photographer

Kanye West Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Photographer
Last year was a big one for Kanye West. Between the release of his acclaimed album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, his Runaway film and his Matt Lauer/George Bush controversy, it seemed like Ye was everywhere all at once. This year is already positioning itself similarly by throwing West into the spotlight yet again, but probably for the wrong reasons. A New York photographer has sued the hip-hopper for unspecified damages after claiming he was assaulted by West and his entourage at a party in 2008.

The New York Post reports that photographer Michael Vazquez is suing West and his security team after having been "assaulted, battered, beat and threatened" by the squad at an event that Ye was playing at Gustavino's in New York. Vazquez was hired to take pictures that night.

While there's not much information about exactly how or why the scuffle occurred, the suit alleges that "West, his agents, servants and/or employees acting in the course and within the scope of their employment, detained and/or threatened and/or caused plaintiff to suffer injuries."

The suit goes on to claim that Vazquez suffered "physical, mental and emotional illness," including a dislocated shoulder, over the affair.

Police sources say a report was filed by Vazquez the day after the assault but police did not pursue the case. In the suit, the photographer alleges that his camera and phone were taken by security of either the restaurant or the rapper.

The suit has yet to get a court date, so only time will tell if West is proved to be a monster, or if Vazquez is just a gold digger.