Kanye West Opens Up About His Own "Douchebaggery" and Fashion Ambitions

Kanye West Opens Up About His Own "Douchebaggery" and Fashion Ambitions
We've been eagerly waiting for a new album from Kanye West, but these days, the rapper seems equally focused on breaking into the fashion world. He recently launched his Yeezy Season 1 line with Adidas, and now he has spoken out about his fashion ambitions and how he's trying to temper his famous ego.

Kanye spoke about these topics in a new interview with the New York Times. He was quite forthcoming, even dropping a certain D-word that others have applied to him in the past. When talking about an ugly, heavy marble table in his house, he said, "I realized that table was my ego. No matter what you put around it, under it, no matter who photographed it, the douchebaggery would always come through."

It seems that his family (wife Kim Kardashian, daughter North West) and his creative endeavours (music, fashion) have saved him from this, ahem, douchebaggery. "Before I had those outlets, my ego was all I had," he admitted. When he launched a women's collection a few years ago, he paid out of pocket, and it went so badly that he went into debt.

Of course, West is still a fan of grand proclamations, and he discussed his Adidas line as if it were the dawn of a new epoch. "I know this is really harsh, but it's like Before Yeezy and After Yeezy," he said. "This is the new Rome!"

He also claimed that his clothes would upend the world of fashion in the way that file-sharing upended the world of music. West argued, "Before the Internet, music was really expensive. People would use a rack of CDs to show class, to show they had made it. Right now, people use clothes to telegraph that. I want to destroy that. The very thing that supposedly made me special — the jacket that no one could get, the direct communications with the designers — I want to give that to the world."

He wants to make "the biggest apparel company in human history," and said that when he was a kid, "I cried over the idea of having my own store."

And in regards to a recent meeting with Ralph Lauren when the fashion designer touched his cheek, West said, "Do you know what he said when he did that? 'This is my son.' And I was thinking, 'I knew it! I knew Ralph was my daddy!'"

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for So Help Me God. And while there's still no firm release date in sight, a new track snippet from Kanye has hit the web. You can check out a bit of a song apparently called "Mitus Touch" below.