Kanye West Confirms Rick Rubin, Daft Punk, Justin Vernon and More on 'Yeezus'

Kanye West Confirms Rick Rubin, Daft Punk, Justin Vernon and More on 'Yeezus'
Last night (June 10), Kanye West held a listening party for his anticipated new album Yeezus. Taking place at New York's Milk club, he played the album twice over.

Kanye also confirmed all of the features on the album. As expected, Daft Punk are featured heavily on the record, with appearances on three or four tracks. There are also features from TNGHT, King Louie, Kid Cudi, Travi$ Scott, and a track called "Can't Hold My Liquor" that features both Chief Keef and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. Together at last!

Perhaps the biggest news was that Kanye has recently brought legendary producer Rick Rubin onboard as executive producer of the whole project. He explained the reasoning for the collaboration, as well as why he's still working on the album, with the following statement:

Last, but not least that came and helped bring this whole shit together, that executive produced the album with me and the family, is Rick Rubin coming in and like finishing up the whole shit for us, which is legendary because everything we did on this project, everything I did, like when we released 'Numbers on the Board', from the video, to the no artwork, to the style of the song and everything, I was like 'what would Rick Rubin do.' What was his Def Jam shit that they would do because I remember Rick even saying, he said 'when we did Def Jam we really wasn't feeling like we was in competition with nobody body because our shit was so direct… 'where we at right now?' We in the middle of the city right now, open to the muthafuckin' streets and nobody is shuttin' down shit while we make real music. "So I had to go to the god Rick Rubin and play him my shit, ask him questions and allow him to take this project to an entirely new level. And he made a lot of great decisions at the end and pulled it to a new level.

Watch a clip of Kanye talking about the album below courtesy of Consequence of Sound.

Yeezus arrives on June 18.