Kanye West "All the Lights" remix (ft. Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean)

Kanye West 'All the Lights' remix (ft. Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean)
This likely isn't the finished version, but this remix of Kanye West's brass-heavy banger, "All the Lights," is starting to make the rounds. Weird thing is, it doesn't sound like Yeezy's even on the cut.

Things kick off with an Auto-Tune-soaked Lil Wayne verse, wherein he discusses cutting cake and about how he's out of jail. Big Sean then delivers a slick verse, as does T-Dot's Drake, who explains that when your girl says she needs some alone time, she's really kicking it with Drizzy. There's a huge instrumental chunk at the end of the track, so maybe someone else is going to spit over the track.

You can download the leak here, but maybe consider this a work in progress.

Thanks to 2 Dope Boyz for the tip.