Kanye Premieres Arty Runaway Film, Keeps Blowing Minds

Kanye Premieres Arty <i>Runaway</i> Film, Keeps Blowing Minds
Between a barrage of tweets, unsolicited song leaks and an insane Saturday Night Live appearance, the press cycle for Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been anything but dull. Things have just kicked into high gear though, with the unveiling of Runaway, a 35-minute short film that promotes Ye's new tunes while also being arty as hell.

A BBC report states that West introduced the film to a London audience last night (October 6) as an epic of its time.

"Purple RainThe Wall, Michael Jackson's Thriller - I wanted to do a modern version of that," he told the crowd at the premiere.

The Hip Hop Chronicle gives us a break down of the film in its entirety, and it's a bit of a doozy. Without giving too much away, we can report that Nicki Minaj narrates the film, which was written by hip-hop video auteur Hype Williams. According to West, "90 percent" of the music featured in the flick will show up on his upcoming fifth full-length.

In the film, Ye hooks up a gorgeous phoenix (played by onetime Victoria's Secret model and The Celebrity Apprentice contestant Selita Ebanks), whom crashes to Earth and tries to make it as a human. Prejudices abound, and naturally the human/bird hybrid takes off and bursts into flames. (She probably couldn't handle being around the douche bags West sings of on "Runaway.") Oh, and apparently a car blows up at one point and Ye plays piano for a gaggle of ballet dancers in another scene.

The film, which will receive a worldwide premiere sometime in the next two weeks and will also reportedly be packaged with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, further serves to bridge the gap between art and music. Admitting to the influence of Impressionist painters Picasso and Matisse, the ever-expanding Renaissance Man hopes he's helping blur these lines between mediums.

""With the passing of Michael Jackson, I feel a responsibility to bring things to our generation that can inspire and bring real culture to pop culture," he said about Runaway, which was shot in Prague last month. "I want to use my power in a proper way."