Kandis 1996-99

This CD encompasses the works of Jens Massel, previously only available on vinyl, and features minimal techno that functions better in a chill-out room than on the dance floor. Much of 1996-99 is made up of rhythmic tessellation, with the odd killer ambient track, such as "Treasure Island," a sweetly emotional yet somewhat brooding piece. Also a pleasant surprise on this CD are two '80s new wave-esque vocal electronic tracks, "Waiting" and "Moving," that could have been released on Ersatz Audio or even Canada's own Suction Records. The only drawback to "Waiting" and "Moving" is that the vocals are mixed too low, as if the producer was inhibited about his voice, which is a shame because his voice doesn't sound so bad. One track, "Luna Corona," a stoically rhythmic track, would function well blended into a minimal techno set. There is diversity on this album but, overall, Kandis is for those who like their techno a bit more on the sedate side. (Karaoke Kalk)