Kalmah Seventh Swamphony

KalmahSeventh Swamphony
Kalmah strike some as the counter-balance to Children of Bodom. Never quite reaching the same popularity as their Finnish brethren, the swamp lords have always remained in there own obscure, isolated corner of Oulu, Finland. They almost never tour and yet have gained a significant cult following. Albums like Seventh Swamphony demonstrate why; their iconic sound has never disappointed, always providing the appropriate blend of symphonic melody and brutal riffs. Tracks like "Pikemaster" and "Windlake Tale" are incredibly heavy, with Kalmah demonstrating complete domination over their instruments. There is a great range to this album, exploring all creative directions, from soft ballads ("Hollo") to the crushing riffs found on "Wolves in the Throne" and "The Trapper." Kalmah and their swamp metal have remained untainted by the changes that have affected melodic death metal. If you're disheartened with the recent musical direction of In Flames, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, etc., pick up Seventh Swamphony and work your way backwards through Kalmah's discography. (Spinefarm)