K-os, Hey Ocean!, July Talk Team Up for Vancouver's #SingItFwd Charity Concert

K-os, Hey Ocean!, July Talk Team Up for Vancouver's #SingItFwd Charity Concert
Each year, Vancouver's Sing It Forward charity concert brings together local acts for a good cause, and this winter will be no exception. The latest instalment takes place on January 8 at the Vogue Theatre.

This year, the show — which is generally known as #SingItFwd — will feature K-os, Hey Ocean!, July Talk, Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, Bear Mountain, Dear Rouge, Jordan Klassen and Bend Sinister. As usual, the performers will do acoustic sets.

This will be the fourth annual instalment of the event. Combined, the past three years have raised more than $100,000, every penny of which has gone to the local Saint James Music Academy, which offers music lessons to kids in need.

An announcement notes, "This year #SingItFwd aims to raise an additional $40,000 to not only help fund and support the programs at the SJMA, but also to help the school work towards its goal of securing their own facility for the 2016 school year."

The event was co-founded by Hey Ocean!'s Dave Vertesi, who said in a statement, "Our goal is to foster a strong local network of collaboration, not competition. Working together as a community to grow music and the arts in Vancouver is not just about raising funds for kids today but more so it's about aligning with, and shining a spotlight on, initiatives that are already working to build social change through music — like the Saint James Music Academy."

Previous instalments of #SingItFwd have sold out, so this one is expected to also. Tickets cost $25 for students and $35 for everyone else. They're available online here, or in person at Red Cat Records.

#SingItFwd - Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother & The SJMA perform Bit by Bit from Vancouver Is Awesome TV on Vimeo.