K-the-I??? Broken Love Letter

Rapper/producer K-the-I??? marries emotion with scientific analogy to create a unique hybrid, then divorces the Anticon-esque emo from the music with a selection of industrial, Def Jux-style productions that further reinforce the scientific edge of the lyrics. A creative substitute for the typical diary, Broken Love Letter presents an in-depth examination of a nerd’s devastating break-ups and failed relationships. "Miss Gofuckyourself” and "You’re Not That Beautiful” are full of all the venom you’d expect from a jilted lover, while "Liza Minnelli” and "Broken Love Letter” share moments of reminiscing where the same jilted lover tries to discover what went wrong. Overall, it is a dark, sombre journey that is never really uplifting, even when the tracks are up-tempo or stray off topic, like the first verse on "Electrobugs,” which talks about the creation of art rather than failed relationships — although the song still ends up in the relationship range once the second verse drops. While Broken Love Letter may be a heavy and heady listen, K-the-I??? has still created the ultimate break-up soundtrack for the underground hip-hop fan with no tolerance for sappy, emo production. (Mush)