Juvenile Reality Check

Did you expect more from a man who made asses rumble with "Back That Azz Up,” and perfected the mumble rap on "Ha”? John Lennon, Juvenile is not. So don’t go expecting Imagine. He lost everything in Katrina, and has no love for FEMA. Retaliation is "Get Your Hustle On,” a propulsive ditty featuring a booming beat and a synthesiser with a caterpillar’s creep. Hurricane Katrina hit harder than his raps, but his disgust reflects his idiocy. Grab your FEMA money and cop a kilo of cocaine? Solid advice, Juvey. And why, in the middle of this socio-political rant, does he stop at a club to argue with a bouncer who refuses to let him in? Get your priorities straight. Throughout this disc, speaker-rattling beats and his drawn-out drawl override common sense, which screams out, "This is terrible,” especially on "Rodeo,” a problematic paean to the women who work poles. Disposable songs about loose booty and women addicted to what the dick did dominate but the production is tight and they make you bounce. So while reality is scarce, for fantasy, it’s fantastic. (Warner)