Justin Timberlake to Lead Guy Ritchie's Remake of Guys and Dolls?

Justin Timberlake to Lead Guy Ritchie's Remake of <i>Guys and Dolls</i>?
Even for those who are too hard-hearted to admit the genius of Justin Timberlake's pure pop music, there's one thing that remains a fact: dude can sing and dance. So it makes sense that the rumours are flying that he will be the lead man in director/ex-Madonna beau Guy Ritchie's upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway hit Guys and Dolls.

According to a report from the UK's Sun newspaper [via The Playlist], Ritchie and Timberlake were recently spotted shaking hands over drinks in a UK pub, and an insider inferred that this was due to their talks about the filmed musical.

"Work is really taking off for Guy at the moment and he is lining up talent for projects in the pipeline," the unnamed source said. "Guy and Justin have known each other for a while through Guy's ex-missus Madonna... Guy rates Justin as an actor. He thought he was impressive in Alpha Dog. He likes his personality... Justin would be ideal for Guys and Dolls because he can act, dance and sing... He would be a great box office draw into the bargain, as well as a safe bet to sell the soundtrack."

At this point, this is all hearsay, but a musical starring Justin Timberlake couldn't possibly be worse than Alpha Dog, could it?