Justin Timberlake Rexall Place, Edmonton AB August 28

Justin Timberlake has come a long way from his bubblegum pop days with *NSYNC, but that doesn’t mean he’s abandoned the womaniser inside of him. Yep, he’s still the same sultry swoon, only this time around, the screaming girls have traded in their glitter-painted signs of "I want to have your baby” for busty, low-cut dresses that send a much more palpable message. The R&B artist started off his two-and-a-half stage show spectacle with "FutureSex/LoveSound,” his whispering voice coming somewhere from deep within the massive stage while sexily-clad back-up singers and dancers took their spots under the crimson light. When Timberlake (looking mighty spiffy in a black suit) finally took the stage, the sold-out arena roared with whoops and catcalls, dancing to every song from "LoveStoned” to "Losing My Way.” Halfway through the elaborate light show, Timbaland finally made his appearance and proceeded to DJ some of his most popular tracks, many of which were from Nelly Furtado’s Loose, all while giant screens (which hugged the wings and curves of the stage) projected images of the respective music videos. There wasn’t a lot of action in Timbaland’s set, so when JT finally reclaimed the stage, fans were itching to let loose once again. "Damn Girl” had his back-up dancers sporting luscious lingerie and nothing else; "What Goes Around… / …Comes Around” had him sassily singing to a handheld video camera; "Release” (a track from Timbaland’s Shock Value) had the crowd bouncing and bobbing; and of course, "SexyBack” closed out the performance, adding that little extra libidinous desire to a set already dripping with sweat. Hands down, JT put on the sexiest, most spectacular show of the year, and unless there’s someone out there who’s richer, more talented and, damn, more beautiful than Justin Timberlake, there’s no concert that will top his.