Justin K. Broadrick Lines Up New Pale Sketcher EP

Justin K. Broadrick Lines Up New Pale Sketcher EP
Justin K. Broadrick has had a thing for electronic music for years. Following his departure from grind gods Napalm Death in the '80s, the guy started up hugely influential industrial act Godflesh, who mixed vicious guitar riffage with pre-programmed drum beats and washes of electro noise. His latest project, Pale Sketcher, may remove the metal from his music -- much like how his shoegazing Jesu returned to a more organic sound -- but the results are no less effective. Following up his Pale Sketcher debut, Pale Sketches: Demixed, the prolific Broadrick has just announced a new EP.

A press release explains that Pale Sketcher has finished work on the Seventh Heaven EP, a five-song affair that furthers his foray into techno dream pop. The record touts Broadrick's growth as a producer, revealing a "positively light-on-its feet rhythmic sense and a Seefeel-esque attention to textural detail" that expands well beyond his earlier dronescapes.

While the EP has a handful of new tunes, a remix of Pale Sketches: Demixed track "Wash It All Away," done by longtime collaborator King Midas Sound (aka Broadrick's Techno Animal partner the Bug), is also included.

You can check out the tracklisting for the EP below. You can also grab a free download of its opening title track here.

Seventh Heaven will be released by Ghostly International on February 15 as a limited-edition twelve-inch (500 copies are being pressed). The set will also be available digitally.

Seventh Heaven:

1. "Seventh Heaven"

2. "The Rainy Season"

3. "Wash It All Away" (King Midas Sound Remix)

4. "Resonanz Therapie Musik"
5. "Drag Your Feet"