Justin Bieber's Genitals Are in the News Again

Is it too late now to say sorry?
Justin Bieber's Genitals Are in the News Again
While countless artists struggle to be noticed, others have achieved a level of fame where everything and anything they do receives a ridiculous amount of attention. Take Justin Bieber: the Canadian pop star turned Hillsong choir boy currently has not one but two stories about his genitals dominating the news cycle.

Mere months after a water mishap forced the young man to address his "dick area," Bieber's appendage is wreaking more havoc on his personal life.

First off, a photo of the young man's purpose was leaked on his ex-girlfriend's Instagram page.

Yesterday (August 28), Selena Gomez was the victim of an Instagram hack, where some unkind user shared photographs of Justin Bieber's bieber that were initially leaked in 2015. Lest you think it was meant to be a boastful post, the caption included the phrase "LIL SHRIMPY:"
That's not even the worst bone to pick Bieber has this week. After being tested on Instagram, his testes have spurred on a lawsuit at a New York state hospital.

According to TMZ, Bieber visited Northwell Health in Long Island earlier this year after a soccer game resulted in a painful nutshot. According to the lawsuit, he "WebMD'd himself" and determined that he had experienced testicular torsion.

A particularly nosy employee named Kelly Lombardo allegedly used this ball-on-ball injury as an excuse to illegally look into Bieber's medical file, in search of claims that he had an STD. She was later fired for being "an immoral employee."

While Lombardo has now filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the hospital, Bieber was fortunate to learn that he was merely suffering from a swollen testicle.

All of this goes to show that none of us win when we obsess over Justin Bieber's genitals.

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