Justice of the Unicorns Angels with Uzis

Bands with animal names are so common these days that there isn’t much point trying to find any profound linkage between the music and the moniker. That being said, unicorns are only too appropriate a manifestation for this poppy Brooklyn five-piece. This, their second album, is supposedly inspired by fantasy movies like Labyrinth. Feel like they’re trying to hit you over the head with their quirk factor? Well, you’re all too right — toning things down would have been the wise choice. But these guys aren’t high on subtlety — this album has a distinct Flaming Lips on Red Bull feel to it. They somehow seem quite at home singing songs about Jesus’s girlfriend or being reincarnated as a tiger. Angels with Uzis is weirdly disarming and fun despite how unappealing this description makes it sound. (Little Lamb)