Justice Visceral Leaks?

Justice <i>Visceral</i> Leaks?
Now, take this with a grain of salt, but a bunch of clips just popped up online purporting to be songs off French house duo Justice's upcoming album, apparently called Visceral. Six tracks on YouTube channel OfficialLeaks are labelled as being new Justice tunes, but we're not too sure yet.

The songs, all untitled, do feature the same kinds of filtered synths, vocoders and four-on-the-floor beats that made Cross such a big hit, but something just seems off about the mixes.

The production feels slight, some synths sounds sound sub-Casiotone quality and the whole thing just comes across a little amateur. Maybe these are rough, unmastered demos, maybe these are songs that were meant to stay on the cutting room floor, or maybe this isn't even Justice at all. It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to pull the wool over our French house-lovin' eyes (Third Twin, anyone?).

No matter how you slice it, something doesn't sit well with these songs. Still, situations like this are always up for debate.

Thanks to Pretty Much Amazing for the tip.