Justice "Canon" (Erol Alkan remix) / (Tiga remix)

Justice 'Canon' (Erol Alkan remix) / (Tiga remix)
Justice may have pissed off a bunch of people with the racy cover of their new "On'n'On" single, but that doesn't mean they plan on doing anything as rash as pulling the release or anything. So today (January 13) we get a track off the forthcoming release: Erol Alkan's "Canon" remix.

The original of course comes off last year's divisive Audio, Video, Disco, and you can check out the rework below.

As for the entire "On'n'On" single, that's heading our way January 30 via Ed Banger.

UPDATE: Down below at the bottom of the page, you can now stream Tiga's rework of "Canon" as well.

"Canon" (Erol Alkan remix):

"Canon" (Tiga remix):