Junkie XL Big Sounds of the Drags

It seems that Tom Holkenberg (aka Junkie XL) learned a lot from his work with Dutch instrumental geniuses Kong. Holkenberg has augmented his techno-lite approach with volatile guitar riffs (played by Dino Cazares and Max Cavelera), dynamic musical mood swings, infectious choruses, orchestration and classic rock sensibilities. Where all the awesome vocal phrasing in "Action Radius," "Power of Big Slacks" and "Zerotonine" came from is a mystery and quite surprising, but the Silver Surfing Rudeboy should get his props nonetheless. If luck serves, Big Sounds... could draw the attention of Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers fans, because as good as this is at exploring layers of electronica, it is neutral, non-offensive and comparatively commercial. (Roadrunner)