Junius / Rosetta Split

Junius / RosettaSplit
To properly rouse fans for the October release of their forthcoming full-length, Reports from the Threshold of Death, Boston metal rock hybrid Junius collaborated with their sonic soul mates in Philadelphia's Rosetta. Two ten-minute songs from each band encapsulate their respective sounds, even proving that one could cover the other's work with relative ease, if they wished. Junius's "A Dark Day with Night" is a somewhat poppier tune than previous cuts from 2009's The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist. Guitarist Joseph Martinez tunes his clean vocals to maximum lilt, often recalling an effortless mix of the Cure's Robert Smith and the Fixx's Cy Curnin. His coruscating riffage swells with hope upon minor chords, hearkening back to the quieter moments of Cave In's Jupiter. Rosetta's "TMA-3" isn't far from the chaotic post-rock of their 2010 album, A Determination of Morality. Vocalist Michael Armine prefers the throaty yells of Isis and Neurosis, as guitarist J. Matthew Weed builds a wall of metallic jangle around him. The track ends with an ambient wash, as the band are wont to include. The Junius track clearly emerges as the stronger here, building anticipation for their new album. The group were recently tapped to open for Enslaved and Alcest this fall, which will certainly raise expectations and exposure. Junius and Rosetta have both managed to produce a noteworthy split that furthers the space rock ideal in their collective universe. (Translation Loss)