Junius 'Days of the Fallen Sun' (EP stream)

Junius'Days of the Fallen Sun' (EP stream)
Heavy-minded Boston outfit Junius have been captivating audiences since the release of their debut EP, Forcing Out the Silence, back in 2004. But with a new collection of studio-slick tracks under their belt, the four-piece are looking to take their crushing post-rock sound further than ever before. Their new Prosthetic Records release, Days of the Fallen Sun, won't be out until February 18. While you wait, soak up their eight-track recording in full by streaming the EP on Exclaim.ca..

Co-produced along with the band by studio wizard Will Benoit, the mini-effort finds the seasoned group continuing on in their anthemic metalgaze sound, while providing enough darkwave and slowcore elements to keep things interesting. According to Junius, the recording is also supposed to act as a musical precursor to the group's 2009 debut full-length The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist.

"A Day Dark with Night" and "The Time of Perfect Virtue" perfectly showcases the band's penchant for tremolo-heavy riffs and Morrissey-inspired harmonies, while all-instrumental ambient interludes like "(Nothingness)" and "(The Purge)" prove they're more than just a one-trick pony.

Stream Days of the Fallen Sun now in the player below. You can also pre-order the record by clicking here, which includes the option to purchase a 12-inch vinyl edition that contains two extra remixes from Living Phantoms and Zack Martin.