Junior Boys / Various Body Language Six

Junior Boys /  Various Body Language Six
It was only a matter of time till Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus fulfilled their right as electronic music-makers, hopping aboard the DJ mix wagon. Released by the appropriate Get Physical label, Body Language Six is a revealing thread that goes above and beyond to show where this duo’s inspiration lies. Essentially, this mix expresses their interest in building a seedy late night club crawl filled with psychedelic visions, nocturnal emissions and slow-motion grooves. The mix is balanced and bold, moving with sleek precision from the hypnotic, cosmic "discosis” of Prins Thomas remixing Sorcerer to Studio’s Balearic house to the retro percussive workshop held by Bill Nelson. Fans are further rewarded with the inclusion of Stereo Image’s (featuring Junior Boys co-founder Johnny Dark) "Dark Chapter,” a seductive, after-hours, nu-step romp, and of course, a new unreleased Junior Boys cut called "No Kinda Man,” which presents more of their immaculately-crafted, neon-lit new romance. The body language here is slick and sexy, nocturnal and quixotic, just as we’ve come to expect from these Hamilton, ON Boys. (Get Physical)