Jungle Jungle

Jungle are that rare type of group that already possess the rock solid musical knowhow alongside the resourcefulness that usually comes from the exuberance of youth; maybe it's because the UK duo wear their influences so vibrantly on their sleeves. After the success of their first three singles ("The Heat," "Platoon" and "Busy Earnin'"), Jungle retain that unbridled mix of funk, post punk and techno on their self-titled debut LP.

Mixing warbly bass lines with angular rhythms, breezy atmospherics and an eternal falsetto, these 12 tracks come off both strikingly original and familiar. On tracks like "Accelerate," "Son of a Gun" and "Lucky I Got What I Want," the duo's rhythms are given proper room to breathe while instrumental breakdowns complement their floating vocal style. On their debut, Jungle show that you don't have to reinvent the wheel as long as it's travelling down brand new, unexplored avenues.

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