Jumpsuit School/No Statue

The trio that is Jumpsuit are hardwired in indie pop sensibilities, and this seven-inch is no exception. The result of being holed up all winter listening to the Vibrators and New York Dolls, "No Statue” is playful but poignant, sounding a lot like a stroll through a bleak suburban neighbourhood or a late-night drive through a desolate borough with nothing but a mix-tape for company. "School” is a highly amusing song about, well, school. It has a good amount of energy flowing through it, but be warned: it’ll be stuck in your head for days. The sleeve keeps the school theme going with a yearbook photo of an AV club. Three faces are scratched out with black ink and "dorks” is written over top. Is it likely that these are Jumpsuit’s members, Nathan Tolzmann, Grant Sutton, and Matthew Tolzmann? Perhaps, but they certainly don’t seem like dorks when they’re coming through your record player. (Counter)