July Talk

Club Soda, Montreal QC, November 20

July TalkClub Soda, Montreal QC, November 20
While they may not receive the same type of hometown love they do in their native Toronto, July Talk still boast a very enthusiastic fanbase in Montreal, attracting a quite sizeable crowd at Club Soda. The night's mood was unabashedly celebratory, with the five-piece enthusiastically engaging with their fans and raising their beers for a venue-wide cheers. Before launching into "Summer Dress" — after a roaring performance of "Blood + Honey" — co-lead signer Leah Fay regaled us in French with a little backstory about the track and how it got its start in Montreal.

Her partner in crime Peter Dreimanis shouted "Can we party together tonight?" and stated how glad they were to be back in Montreal, their first time since performing at Osheaga back in August. The singing duo showcased their well-documented onstage chemistry, offering up a dynamic performance that rarely slowed down, one that featured Dreimanis jumping into the crowd while still playing guitar during fan favourite "Guns + Ammunition." They took the time to shout out the M For Montreal festival and urge fans to go across the street to Café Cléopatra for fellow Toronto performer Light Fires.

Fay is an entrancing performer and knows how to captivate the crowd, checking in to see if a fan was okay during an animated rendition of "Headsick" and urging the crowd to "be good to one another" to then immediately demand a fan's tank top that read "Boobies make me smile" and wearing it during "Paper Girl." She informed us that Montreal taught her everything she knows about "not giving a fuck" before performing the night's last song, early hit "The Garden." The band took this opportunity to showcase their impressive instrumental skills, especially the guitar duo of Dreimanis and Ian Docherty, and promptly left the stage after what was a tight and solid set.
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