Julie Doiron Sets to Work on New Album

Julie Doiron Sets to Work on New Album
Though last year Julie Doiron released the Daniel, Fred & Julie collaboration with Daniel Romano and Fred Squire, it's been a couple of years since the prolific Canadian singer-songwriter released a solo album. But more than two years after dropping I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, Doiron is now in the early stages of recording her next LP.

A video clip uploaded by producer and former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White confirms that, late last week, Doiron took to his home studio Elder Schoolhouse to lay down some new tunes.

"Julie and I started working on her next album," White summarized. "I figured I'd post a few little clips as the sessions roll on. She had a few distractions happening for this tune. Making art is not a job, its quite pleasurable actually. :)"

As you can see in the gigglefest below, this probably isn't a polished version of the song, seemingly called "I Want to Hear You Sing," but the track finds Doiron tackling light and folky sounds again. As cute as the clip is, here's hoping that cat doesn't keep ruining takes so we can get this thing as soon as possible.

A release date, title and tracklilsting have yet to be unveiled, but it's good to know that wheels are in motion.