Julianna Barwick "One Half"

Julianna Barwick 'One Half'
Julianna Barwick's trip to Iceland to make her Dead Oceans debut Nepenthe may have had more of an impact on the song cycle than we had previously thought. Newly premiered tune "One Half" mines the airy vocal territory we've come to expect from the singer but also eases in symphonic post-rock touches, à la Sigur Rós.

The track plays lush, with Barwick once again weaving a number of tender vocal melodies into the mix, but by song's end these are complemented by suitably stunning, mood-stirring string sweeps.

You can check it out down below.

As previously reported, Nepenthe is due out August 20. It was recorded by producer/engineer Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi & Alex) and features guest appearances from members of Amiina and Múm.